Ladies Man

Swagger x Recovery x Truth or Dare
Stress Carrier
Owned with Reggy Spencer
Semen: $200/Dose

  • Looks like a 500 lb. champion barrow
  • Width plus muscle
  • First crop show promise

First of all, a special thanks goes out to Reggy Spencer for allowing us the opportunity to
house this beast. Yes, we know he’s blue and many won’t consider using a traditional blue
boar. However, if your goals include making better livestock, this one deserves some special attention. Super tall fronted, moderate, at best in terms of length of body, giant topped and hip all laid on a wide and comfortable skeleton- sounds like a recipe for success. His mother, a RECOVERY daughter, purchased from us a few years ago already produced REHAB that was housed at Polich’s.  LADIES MAN is one unique specimen, possibly the best barrow generating boar we have had for a while. He will be used extremely hard at Marek Land and Livestock.

Ladies Man

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