Extra Mile

Mile High x Crossbones x Checkmate
Stress Negative
Semen: $100/dose

  • Soundness and balance
  • "Farrowing Ease" - perfect choice for gilts
  • Dam is littermate to grandmother of 42 litter of Best Man's

EXTRA MILE is still the best 8-week-old pig we have had in the show barn. Uniquely stouter constructed, but still cool from the profile and has a hind leg to die for. His mother is one of the 66 litter Crossbones X Checkmate sows that have produced HO-- USE MONEY, FACE CARD, and our Champion and Reserve Home Raised Barrows at this years Washington Co Fair. Those that have fed EXTRA MILE offspring often mention appetite, endurance and ease of feeding as the advantages when compared to their contemporaries. We all know how important flexibility and endurance can be to win any hog show. Why not use a boar who sires it rather than purchasing additives to try and fix those problems?


Collection days are Mondays and Thursdays. All cancellations must be made by 9:00 AM. Saturday delivery is available to many locations at additional charge. All semen is shipped UPS. Volume discounts available.

All semen purchased must be pre-paid. We accept all major credit cards, excluding American Express. There is an additional charge of $10.00 on  all COD shipments.

Call after 12:00 pm on collection days for availability. Most boars will be discounted by 50%.

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