Two out of four of the Marek girls are now in college and one is about to close out her showing career, yet it seems like we just started. As time flies by, one thing remains the same: the passion for making livestock better.

Marek Land and Livestock consists of cows, sows, and crops. The farm was established in 1896 and has grown to consist of pasture to run cows, barns to house sows and a boar stud, and land to grow corn and soybeans. As the agriculture industry changes, Marek Land and Livestock has continued to focus on raising a family, and there is no better way to do that than with livestock.

The discipline put into cleaning the barn, hours spent preparing the pigs to be ready in hopes of being competitive, evaluating the stock to understand what could make them better, and learning how to win and lose graciously. These are just a few of the qualities that will help our youth be most successful in life. Tim has taught his four daughters that the true value of raising livestock and kids isn’t being at the top; it’s the climb to get there.

Each person who steps into the farm to look at the stock or the exhibitors and families that have become lifelong friends over the years is an important aspect to the breeding program. Thanks to everyone who has believed in our program and continues to invest in the Marek Land and Livestock and All A-Marek-N Sires genetics.

Thank you,
Tim Marek
Dustin Snakenberg